The gait lab is equipped with a treadmill (FDM-T, zebris Medical GmbH) with an integrated force-plate and two synchronized cameras. The force-plate measures the forces brought to the ground by your feet while standing, walking, running, or jumping. The software provides a quick analysis of the data which can be used to evaluate the load on your feet and the gait pattern. A frontal and a sagittal positioned camera allows us to precisely analyze the kinematic aspects of your movements. Gait or other movement dysfunctional abnormalities can easily be identified. Additionally we conduct a gait analysis and other individual selected movement performance tests on an 8 m “normal” ground.

Individual selection of tests and observational expertise lift up our movement performance analysis making it much more than evaluation of gait. Pathological or potentially overloading movement patterns are identified. Motor learning and dynamically training of performance skills reduce joint load and lead to economic movements. Unloading the joints keeps your neuromuscular system healthy. Recent studies showed the effectiveness of performance training particular regarding the long-term-effects. (Powers CM & Fisher B. (2010) Mechanisms Underlying ACL Injury-Prevention Training: The Brain-Behaviour Relationship. Journal of Athletic Training; 45(5): 513-515)

We offer the gait and movement performance analysis as an individual service or to companies as internal health care program.