A central component of our therapy is the specific movement analysis and correction. This means that movement abnormalities are identified, which often lead to structural overloading of neural, muscle, and joint tissues. Overload of frequently used movements or improper posture eventually reach a threshold which then results in symptoms of ill-health. Through our professional movement coaching, clients learn to optimize their movements again. This motor learning process is an important step in personal health care.
Local structural dysfunctions of neural, muscle, and joint tissues are investigated by Manual Therapy. Manual Therapy is a specialized approach within physiotherapy to examine and treat the neuromusculoskeletal system. Characteristics of the Manual Therapy approach are the analytical procedure and the clinical reasoning process. Therapeutic interventions are continuously and critically evaluated and, if required, modified regarding their effectiveness for the client´s goals.
Another approach we offer is the neurophysiologically based Bobath Concept. The Bobath Concept combines the ideas of neuroscience with the principles of movement therapy.
The mentioned concepts are most suitable for the therapy of dysfunctions of the neuromusculoskeletal movement system, e.g. headache, orofacial and temporomandibular complaints, injuries of the movement system, and nerve irritations. The Bobath Therapy is particular valuable for clients with injuries or deseases of the central nervous system, e.g. M. Parkinson, stroke.